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First Point IT is a professional software development company based in India that endeavor on highly proficient, timely delivered and cost effective software development and web designing services in India. We are highly experienced in offering offshore software development, web designing, web development and project management. We are one of the leading software

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Most recent Google Play Store Statistics in 2021 You Must Know

Most recent Google Play Store Statistics in 2021 You Must Know

1. Complete Number of Apps on Google Play Store

Google is perhaps the most confided in platform and is utilized by a huge number of clients consistently. Because of this fame, Google Pay app engineers have begun to use this stage. This is the reason there is an expansion in the quantity of apps on the Play Store. In case you’re considering what number of apps are in google play store as of now?

Indeed, as of the primary quarter of 2021, the quantity of apps on Google Play Store were 3.49 million. As per research by AppBrain, this number is anticipated to rise further before the finish of 2022.

2. All out Number of Apps Released each Week and Month

There are no speed breakers making a course for expanding interest for versatile apps. To be exact, 3839 apps are added to the Play Store each day! It might appear to be a non-critical number when we talk about apps in billions, notwithstanding, this number adds up and prompts a lot of expanded number of portable apps. The impacts of this will be difficult to overlook in 2022.

3. All out Number of Apps Downloaded Annually

As there is a popularity for apps of each class and specialty, the quantity of apps downloads insights each year has likewise expanded over the most recent two years. It is likewise on the grounds that the market has seen a fast expansion in the interest for cell phones.

In 2020, Google Play clients overall downloaded 108.5 billion portable apps, up from 76 billion apps in 2018. It creates altogether more downloads than the Apple App Store, as it is accessible for a more extensive scope of gadgets.

4. Google Play versus App Store Downloads

The prevalence of Google Play is unavoidably perceptible, as it has seen a climb of 16.4%from 2016 to 2018. Which means, in the main portion of 2019, the measure of the all out number of introduces arrived at 41.9 billion which is absolutely an overhaul from the earlier year’s number of 36 billion. View the diagram containing Apple App store insights in contrast with the Google Play Store realities.

-Google Play versus App Store Downloads

As you can find in the histogram, the normal cost of an app in Google Play look is between $1 to $2. This information is aggregated based on apps under the cost of $10. To be more expressive, there are approx 44000+ apps under $1, and these are the apps that are liked by the clients, when they experience the free model of an application.

-Free and Paid Apps Downloads Statistics

Apps in everyday comprise of two sorts – Paid and Free Apps. As indicated by some exploration, the Apple App Store has more paid apps in contrast with Google Play Store. The explanation is on the grounds that apple clients will in general make more in-app buys, something the one substantial justification for why new companies pick the previous in their Android versus iOS decision. We have acquired top Google Play Store insights 2021 to take apart the rudiments of app appropriation in these in the past referenced classifications.

5. Free Android Apps

As of July 2021, 96.9 percent of all Android applications were accessible free of charge on Play Store. In case you are pondering, how could Google Pay app designers procure income when the apps are free? All things considered, bringing in cash is the general purpose right?

Indeed, you may be amazed to realize that the greater part of the income acquired by portable apps comes from free apps by app adaptation techniques like in-app buys, which is comparable to 98% of app income around the world. This mind-boggling measure of free apps on the Play Store implies a significant shift towards the freemium model. This is the motivation behind why individuals like to foster Android apps.

6. Paid Android Apps

In the event that we talk about Paid apps on an individual level, you barely may be having 2 paid apps on your gadget, right? Notwithstanding, in the event that you say something else, you have a place with the minority of the paid app segment. Right now, there are 3.1 percent paid apps on Google Play Store as per Statista.

Google Play Stats for Mobile App Usage

Age X is innovation subordinate age, versatile apps specifically. There are apps to do everything in a flash. Considering this assertion, we might want to add that practically 21% of recent college grads open apps 50+ times each day and 49.5% of the by and large cell phone segment open an app 11+ times each day.

Also, according to Google Play insights, a normal cell phone client utilizes 30 apps every month, if not more. These realities are adequately likely to persuade you regarding the expanding utilization of versatile apps, particularly on the Google Platform. Peruse some more focuses on how these apps are performing under various socioeconomics and conditions.

If you are looking for a trusted  Google App Provider  Company in Delhi, Google App Provider Agency in India  &  Google App Provider Company in Delhi to enhance your performance, Please feel free to call us +91 987-16-888-00 or email us at and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

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Hopefully these tips will help you. Give us,  Google App Provider Company in Delhi, shoutback, if you use them or have some other ideas to share.

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